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At DHA Filter, we want to do our part to help protect people and preserve the environment. We accomplish better filters that do just that. Better contamination control, higher productivity yields, and less waste support our initiative.

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HEPA Grade Gas Turbine Filtration

Our Services

Since 1989, we have been dedicated to providing trusted, innovative filtration products as a full industrial partner. Our professional filter services are an extension of the quality products we offer. Let us be your preferred resource for everything dust and mist related, including turnkey equipment service.


DHA Filter provides professional filter change out services on all collector brands and sizes. With planned routine filter service, your equipment will operate with peak dust collection efficiency and reduced emissions. DHA Filter will make sure your facility has a clean and safe work environment to protect your staff and keep you within EH&S guidelines.


Regular inspections and proactive maintenance are an important part of keeping your dust collection system operating efficiently. We can provide a thorough inspection and a full report of your dust collector’s condition on a semi-annual or annual basis. We are trained to not only do the inspections but to make expert recommendations and to do the repairs to keep your system in compliance.


DHA Filter is a manufacturer’s representative for turnkey filtration systems with an emphasis on dust and mist containment. Additionally, we provide critical replacement parts to keep your collectors running optimally and eliminate unscheduled downtime.

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