Dust Cartridge Filters 

Duraweb™ Dust Cartridge filters are designed to replace a variety of OEM products, including:
  • Donaldson® Torit®
  • Robovent®
  • Airflow® Systems
  • Wheelabrator
  • Micro-Air
  • Steelcraft Trion
  • Flex-Clean
  • AAF®
  • Exijet
  • Pneumafil
  • Farr APC
  • Aercology
  • GEMA
  • Scientific Dust Collector
  • Progressive Technologies
  • Amtech
  • Environmental
  • Enviro-Systems
  • Sly
  • UAS

High Performance Technology – Duraweb™ Dust Cartridges

Our advanced technology improves efficiency by collecting more sub-micron particles on the media surface. Superior pulse cleaning for longer life and less waste through enhanced manufacturing methods.

Whether your industrial process is continuous or intermittent, high or moderate dust volumes, large or sub-micron particle size requirements, our state of the art, Duraweb® technology keeps your dust collectors operating at peak performance.

Helix Bead Wrap

Get the Benefits of Advanced Technology

  • 90% Open Surface Area vs. 68% with a Cage
  • Pleats Are Locked Down
  • Cartridge Cleans Better
  • Lower Energy Consumption
  • No Media Abrasion from Cage Contact
  • Environmentally Friendly

Better Cleaning Technology

Unlike most cartridges that utilize an expanded metal outer cage, Duraweb™ dust cartridge filters employ a unique Helix Bead Wrap that individually locks pleats in place.
Pulse Cleans More Effectively for Lower Operating Pressure Drop

Longer Lasting Filters

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