Paint Booth Filters

DHA Filter carries replacement filters for a number of paint booths, including those produced by :

  • Nordson
  • Rapid
  • Viking
  • Col-Met
  • Kayco
  • Spray Systems
  • Gema
  • AFC
  • Accudraft
  • OMIA
  • Global-Met
  • Welbilt
  • Garmat
  • Wagner

Paint booths have two integrated filtration systems: Air Supply and Overspray Collection.
These systems have an overall effect on the efficiency of the paint booth operation. They can affect the positive or negative paint booth air balance, paint finish quality, maintenance costs of cleaning the booth, exhaust fans and building exterior.

Air Supply level of filtration is dependent on the quality of the paint finish required. It can range from a four-stage system to plant air. The filtration efficiency set up can be recommended by the micron-rated particle retention needed to be removed from the supply air.

Overspray Collection is dictated by what type of paint formulation will be used. The total overspray minus the efficiency of the collection system equals the emission level. Emission levels are governed by several factors: Federal and state law, liability, corporate environmental conscience, maintenance and cleaning costs.

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