Powder Coat Cartridges

Powder coating is a process of applying a layer of dry powder to a surface electrostatically, then curing the material with heat to form a solid coating. Worker inhalation and exposure to powder coating materials must be avoided, and the powder can present a significant risk of combustion.

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High Performance Technology – Duraweb® Dust Cartridges for all of your powder coating collection needs.
Our advanced cartridge technology improves efficiency by collecting more sub-micron particles on the media surface. Superior pulse cleaning for longer life and less waste through enhanced manufacturing methods.

Helix Bead Wrap

Unlike most cartridges that utilize a metal outer cage, Duraweb® dust cartridges employ a unique Helix Bead Wrap that individually locks the pleats in place.

Benefits Include:

  • 90% open surface area 68%  with a cage
  • Cleans more efficiently with the pleats locked in position
  • No media abrasion from contact with metal cage
  • Environmentally friendly – Less waste


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