Dust Collector Maintenance Services


Regular inspections and preventative maintenance are an important part of keeping your dust collection system operating at peak efficiency and in compliance with industry standards and regulations. DHA Mechanical provides an extensive range of dust collector services and would be happy to customize a regular maintenance plan to meet your company’s specific needs and budget.

Preventative Maintenance:
  • System Inspection
  • System Balancing and Analysis
  • Filter Cartridge Change Outs
  • Solenoid and Diaphragm Valve Repair
  • Motor Inspections, Lubrication, Maintenance
  • Ductwork Inspections
  • Reporting
Preventative Maintenance For Various Reasons:
  • Employee health exposure
  • Loss of productivity
  • Predictive maintenance
  • ISO 9001 Reliability of Key Equipment
  • Environmental Regulations

To learn more about Preventative Maintenance Services from DHA Mechanical send us a message or CALL TOLL FREE 1-800-454-2662

Dust Cartridge Changeout Services


DHA Mechanical provides professional filter change out services on all collector brands and sizes. With planned routine filter service, your equipment will operate with peak dust collection efficiency and reduced emissions.

Regularly scheduled service is essential to maintain and prolong the life of your dust collection system, while conforming to environmental and safety regulations. Make sure your facility has a clean and safe work environment to protect your staff and uphold EH&S guidelines.

Service begins with an initial inspection of your system to evaluate the frequency of cartridge changeouts required. As part of this analysis, we’ll take into consideration all the variables including the size and type of dust collector, type of particulate matter being collected, air flow, temperature, moisture, contaminants, and other factors to determine the proper cartridge type best suited for your application.

Dust collector cartridge changeouts can be performed alone on a predetermined schedule or as part of a more comprehensive preventative maintenance program. Emergency service is also available. With over 10 years of experience in the field, DHA Mechanical has the expertise you can depend on for safe, timely and efficient filter changeouts.

Change-Out Procedure:
  • Lock out / Tag out
  • Inspection
  • Remove old cartridges; bag, box, and dispose in provided dumpster
  • Replace door gaskets (Recommended annually)
  • Install new cartridges
  • Finish with good housekeeping
  • Detailed report for ISO documentation
  • Work performed by trained professionals
  • Planned outages and emergency response

To learn more about Filter Cartridge Changeout Services from DHA Mechanical send us a message or CALL TOLL FREE 1-800-454-2662

Repair & Replacement Parts


Over the years, the efficiency and effectiveness of your dust collection system can change. Worn mechanical parts, faulty cleaning components like diaphragms and solenoid valves, worn out door seals, and misaligned yokes, are some of the necessary upkeep required to keep your dust collection system optimized for maximum performance. DHA Mechanical has trained technicians who can do just that.

Goyen Header Tank Systems

Complete and fully certified header tank systems specifically engineered for dust collector filter cleaning. Full immersion system with optimized flow rate for the best cleaning results on the market.

Goyen Pulse Jet Valves

Goyen high-performance flanged valves for reverse pulse jet systems in dust collectors. They are used around the world to frequently clean the filters in systems aiming to control the dispersion of noxious substances, improve indoor air quality in workplaces, or prevent harmful dust emissions.

Goyen Diaphragm Repair Kits

Goyen Valve repair kits for any size or configuration Goyen valve. All kits are genuine Goyen spare parts and are shipped new from the US warehouse. Diaphragm kits typically contain the replacement diaphragm, the spring, O-ring seal.

Goyen Solenoid Valves

Goyen solenoid pilot valves are specifically designed for the reverse pulse jet filter cleaning of dust collectors.

Collector Doors & Gaskets

OEM doors to fit Torit Donaldson and Sulzer Metco dust collectors. Door gasket kits available to keep your collectors sealed up tight.

Sensocon Differential Pressure Gauges

Digital differential pressure gauges and controls are the natural evolution from mechanical differential pressure gauges and are now being used to replace this older technology. Digital differential pressure gauges and controls take advantage of the technology available to offer more features, better performance and in general a more accurate and complete product compared to mechanical differential pressure gauges.

To learn more about Repairs and Replacement Parts from DHA Mechanical send us a message or CALL TOLL FREE 1-800-454-2662

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