Dura-Tex® 360 PTFE Filters

Our proprietary membrane technology specifically designed for tough applications. Through innovative R&D processes, the membrane has been developed specifically for industrial air applications that require high (HEPA) efficiencies and a low-pressure drop.

Backed by a Toray 100% polyester Spunbond substrate, duratex 360 PTFE Filters is unsurpassed in consistency and performance. Laminated with a flexible membrane, the “unstressed” fibers will allow the media to stretch and form during the pleating process. Unlike other PTFE membranes, duratex 360 will not crack, or break which causes delaminating over time.

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Duratex 360 PTFE Filters:

Below are the features and application of duratex 360 PTFE Filters.

Filter Features

  • High Efficiency E11 (per EN 1822)
  • 2 Weights Available: 130 GSM & 260 GSM
  • Chemical Resistant, Anti-Salt membrane
  • 100% Hydrophobic
  • Washable
  • Low Pressure Drop (up to 40% lower)
  • Helix bead wrap


  • ​Laser and Plasma Cutting
  • Stainless Steal Welding
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cement
  • Food Processing


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