7 Ways You Need to Know How to Select Best Paint Booth Filters

For painters out there it may look like a small section of your painting work, best paint booth filters can have more effect on your work then you think. Paint booth filters capture overspray, protecting your paint booth fan from unnecessary applied paint.

They are the kind of filters that play an important role in conserving the life of a paint booth, the main components for best paint booth filters are Proficiency and quality filters.

These filters are influenced by the work process and the outcomes of painting, that why it is important to keep the filters well maintained.

Selecting the right filters is something that you have to make a wise decision for your paint booth.

They are designed to deliver the finest performance and long service life for definite applications. You need to be sure that your paint booth filter has the best solution for your paint booth operations and can function as a washable filter for the paint booth industry.


1. Filter Grams and Depth

Filter grams and Depth
Filter grams and Depth

The grams in a paint booth filter is evaluated is to know two primary factors, one is how much paint the filter will hold before requiring to be swapped, and to a certain degree the efficacy of the paint booth filter.

Normal gram options that best paint booth filters are offered include 22 grams and 15 grams, other filters do not have a gram rating but will have a superior filter depth which means the paint booth filter will perform better.

The lesser the gram rating the less gripping capacity of the filter and less time. denotation better frequency of changing out filters which also can increase the fees for discarding or the cost of human time changing out filters.

This can be an upright thing to ponder so that you can easily decide if a lower or higher gram filter will work better or not.

2. Multi or Single Stage Systems

For some distinctive painting applications, you have to use a multi-stage filter system which is NESHAP- National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants compliant.

A multi-stage paint booth filter system is classically be made up of a pocket cube filter and a first or two intermediate layers filters. While NESHAP will need a multi-stage filter system.

You may also consider a pocket filter behind a first layer filter as a possible option to lessen the total costs of your filters. Best paint booth filter is originally expensive price around $4.50 per cube but you can use a very low gram front layer filter which can decrease the complete filter prices.

Furthersignificantly a cube style filter behind a first layer filter will offer some of the utmost overs pray captures, making it a great option if you are anxious about overspray not being trapped by your paint booth filters.

Paint booth filters are one of the best Industrial filters offered in numerous depths as well as the number of pockets. The deeper the pocket and more pockets the pocket filter has abetter overspray tendency.



The material that a paint booth filter is made of will influence its efficiency a taking paint and holding paint.

Fiberglass is one of the most common paint booth filter materials and is the most commonly used these days, occasionally paper is added to a filter for exact applications.

So, it’s better to recognize the material of filter before making a purchase.



Paint booths typically come with a pad style paint booth filter by default. However, it’s a plus if you know how to build a paint booth filter system also convert a paint booth to a paint booth blanket filter system.

A blanket system permits for a faster replacement of your best paint booth filter and can diminish the charges of your filters as you can have paint booth intake filters roll that are a change of widths ranging from 24 – 48” and 300 feet in length.

The price per foot knowingly lower than a pad style filter.  Furthermore, replacing can be faster with a paint booth blanket filter.

The chief disadvantage to a blanket style filter is that they can be heavyweight to replace because they will capture more overspray than a pad.

You have to mount a system to grasp the filter rather than the standard nets that you have now with your paint booth.  It is known as a blanket that can be the best way to save changeout time and filter prices.

5. Target Actual Manufacturers

Try to buy paint booth filter straight from the manufacturer instead of reseller, distributor, or installer. This will allow you to get a paint booth that is modified according to your needs.

The customization might be expensive but it will confidently make your work easier. Make sure that the company you buy from is trustable and reputable.

6. Worth



The price of the paint booth filter is another utmost consideration to make. Your budget will impact your choice mainly.

That means that you should compare the features and specifications of the paint booths filters in contradiction of price to get the best package. Take the price from different manufacturers and compare them with others to make the right purchase.

7. Look for the Suitable Type

There are numerous paint booth filters available that fulfills all the paint booth filtration requirements. You should select a type that is most appropriate reliant on the kind application you are going to apply.


Eventually, your paint booth filter gives impressions on a lot of things from the costs of your painting to interruption for maintenance. buying a good and appropriate paint booth filters can help you make sure you choose a filter that will provide good protection but also enhance your outcomes.

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