To keep your water clean, pure, fresh, and fit to drink it is important to have the right filtration system at your place. Choosing the right pleated and depth filter cartridge can be daunting for many users and it takes countless factors to choose the best one.

Water filters have many uses, they are designed to take away impurities from water, some remove metallic impurities or other particles.

Many factors play a role while selecting a filter according to your need: Filter size, micron rating, material, and type of substance.

In this blog post, we will compare two extensively used filter types: pleated and depth filter cartridges. Through these best industrial filters, you can get a better idea of what type suits your need for water filtration.

Pleated Filters Cartridges

Pleated filters are also known as surface filters, they are thin filters that catch deposit particles from the surface. They are made with a wide surface area that can hold a large number of sediment particles.

Typically, pleated filters cartridges are used till their external surface is completely covered in particles and then disposed of, but some better-quality pleated filters bags and cartridges can be recycled.

Pleated filters support uniform size particles. Like if particles are nearly 5 microns in size then the filter will work more efficiently because of its wide surface area. Whereas if particles are smaller, they will slip up through the filter and leave the surface area.

Filtration with surface filters takes place only on the surface of the filter membrane. Sheets of polypropylene, nylon or Teflonare pleated and glued on ends to provide a high filtration area. The pollutants are surrounded on the surface of the sheet, forming a layer that will ultimately help filtration in itself.

As the pressure decreases, the filter cartridge can be removed from the filter housing and washed off.  The biggest advantage of surface filters is that they can be washed and the cartridge can be reused.

Main Features of Pleated Cartridge Filters

  • Comparison more surface area than any other cartridges
  • High maintenance efficacy provides a better shield to downstream filters
  • Accessible for food and beverages application
  • O-Ring options for broad applications
  • Provides steady, dependable, and repeatable filtration

Types of Pleated Cartridges Filters

  • Pleated micro fiberglass filter
  • Pleated polyester filter cartridge
  • Pleated cellulose filter cartridge
  • Pleated polypyrene

Pleated and depth filter lies in the category of sediment filters. They are used in purifying water by removing deposit, they are not made for heavy chemicals and metals found in water. Moreover, they have zero effect on smell and taste.

Thus, it is important to identify the sediment problem before making a choice between pleated and depth filter for better results.

Depth Filter Cartridges

Depth filter cartridges are another effective way of removing sediment particles from your water. These filters are also called string-wound and string-spun cartridges as they have 2 layers of filtration to keep out undesirable particles.

The first layer catches any particles that are the same size or bigger than the micron rating, although the internal layer catches smaller particles that slip through the preliminary filtration.

This improved filtration comes according to the surface area, denoting that depth filters usually need to be cleaned and changed faster than pleated filters.

Depth Filters need the water being filtered to pass through a thick wall of filter material and treatment takes place throughout the depth of the filter.

Almost every filter has a classified density structure, which means a filter gets fitted as the water permits through the filter wall. Graded density filters eliminate particles of different sizes. The external part catches large particles and the internal part grips the smaller particles.

Main Features of Depth filter Cartridges

  • Long-lasting and cost-effective filtration.
  • In their production no adhesives or external material being used.
  • Its greater diameter makes it work with higher speed.
  • Better inner attachments get rid of contaminants
  • Larger particle preservation increases pressure.

If we well know the main differences between pleated and depth filter then we will never get confused about what type of filter we need. It becomes very difficult to make a decision sometimes so in that case, it is better to consult any industrial filtration specialist.

Those filtration specialists recommend you the best through experiments, according to your needs.


Infiltration is always great if we know every major and minor detail about filters or filtration products, cartridge filterlike pleated and depth filter have their pros and cons. Low cost, easy installation, no water wastage, and no electricity needed.

Though, the drawbacks of cartridge filter types are that ultimately the residue will be collected up at the pores of the cartridge membrane and that leads to the water wastage.

industrial cartridge filters Come in different sizes for deposit-exclusion and types but normally categorized into two kinds, pleated filter cartridges, and depth filter cartridges.



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