3 Compressor Filter Advantages & Types for Your Machinery

Machinery, irrespective of its industry, is meant for heavy usage for prolonged hours. We have lots of compressor filter advantages that help us to function for long periods accordingly. As compressors bear extensive workload during this process, there is a high possibility that dust and other pollutants invade it. To prevent such problems, manufacturers must always use a good quality compressor filter that advantages their machinery’s performance.

We can find several types and advantages of compressor filters available in the market; however, the usage of each may vary in the industry by industry. These filter systems help remove contaminants from the air before it enters the compressor. There are multiple compressor filter advantages of using a filter, which will be discussed in this article, along with its types.

3 Compressor Filter Advantages

The filtration process is crucial to keep the mechanical processes efficient and the machinery durable in the long run. Without the best industrial filtration process, the machines would lose their working ability in no time. Let’s discuss some of the advantages that a quality compressed air filter provides.

1. Decreases Operating Costs

Decreases Operating Costs
Decreases Operating Costs

As the compressor builds the right pressure, the machines work more efficiently, reducing any loss of time and productivity. That means if the manufacturer chooses the right type of compressor filters, the productivity level will increase evidently. That will result in a considerable increase in the ROI of the factory as well.

Due to heightened productivity, there would be more work done within the lesser time that implies lower electricity and fuel usage too. Finding the best compressor filters would significantly improve the overall yield of the machinery. Therefore, we recommend using a compressor filter as it reduces the ratio of energy used to the output produced.

2. Negligible Maintenance Needs & Downtime

As the machine works more efficiently, the requirement for maintenance decreases too. This happens as the pollutants like dust, oil, and water are eradicated from the compressor and the compressed air. Due to an excellent filtration process in place, the contaminants are unable to corrode the pipes and other parts.

An air compressor filter system ensures that the machinery and equipment preserve a good condition. As a result, the need for maintenance also reduces significantly, also providing a higher working rate. The downtime decreases along with the maintenance and repairing costs.

3. Higher Performance Efficiency

Compressors are used to escalate the air pressure by diminishing the volume. They are a way of saving energy; however, several contaminants present in the factory’s atmosphere can hinder this process. Dust particles, oil, and water droplets can be a source of corrosion in the machinery and its parts, reducing its working power.

The best option in filters like the water separator for air compressor split the water component from the air and clears it away effectively. Industrial oil mist filters are also available to clean the air of oil droplets. These compressor filter advantages are help to increase the performance of equipment by keeping it clean and pollutant-free at all times.

3 Types of Compressor Filters

There are different types of compressor filters available in the market, given their distinct uses, quality, and industry-specific features. Let’s learn the numerous types of compressor filters and how they help in making filtration product processes easier.

1. Air Filters

Air Filter
Air Filter

The industrial atmosphere is usually contaminated due to oil, dust, and other gases present from mechanical processes. These elements present in the atmosphere can enter the working machinery and equipment. It can cause contamination of the interior parts of the compressor too. All that, in turn, reduces the efficiency of the compressor, resulting in inadequate air pressure.

Air compressor filter systems do the much-needed job of preventing these contaminants from entering the compressor. The internal compressor components stay safe from any corrosion and wear and tear. The compressor keeps working at its best strength, producing an overall higher performance.

2. Oil Filters

Oil filter
Oil filter

The manufacturing processes generate many contaminants, out of which oil is the one that can cause the most damage. If the oil accumulates over an equipment or machinery part, its removal becomes havoc. It can cause severe corrosion, resulting in a higher downtime and maintenance requirement than any other contaminant.

Therefore, it is highly necessary to install the oil mist filters in every machine. This compressor filter advantages the compressor in many ways. Firstly, the oil does not enter the compressor by any chance, saving it from any damage. Secondly, it gathers and takes the oil back to the fuel tank, which saves fuel costs, and the main purpose compresses are installed stays in place.

3. Air/Oil Separators

Air/Oil Separators
Air/Oil Separators

When the compressors work on compressing the air, contaminants are produced along with it. These contaminants include water and degraded oil. That can cause the internal components of the compressor and the other parts of the machine to get polluted.

Air and Oil Separators help in separating these pollutants and ensure that the compressed air stays clean. As a result, compressed air power does not soil the final product’s manufacturing. That is how the air and water separator works, and the compressor filter advantages the efficiency of compressors.

4. Coalescing Filters

Coalescing filters are an elite quality of compressor filters that help remove the water droplets and aerosol from the air. The oil and water droplets are gathered on the filter media and then trapped to prevent it from being suspended back into the air.

These can be the best oil and water separators for air compressors as they reduce the particulate level to 0.1 microns. Industrial oil mist filters can also do the job within a low cost; however, the performance of coalescing filters is evidently more robust than the prior.


Compressors are a crucial component used in several industries to save energy and overhead cost. However, this purpose can only be fulfilled when these compressors function properly. As understood from the article, we can conclude that compressor filter advantages the overall efficiency, productivity, and savings of manufacturing units. And to ensure great results, best quality compressor filters must always be a priority for manufacturers.

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